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Our New Activities

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    Riagain’s Thoughts on ADHD

    Riagain’s Thoughts on ADHD Hi, it’s Riagain from Berkshire HorseWorks with one final blog! Ever since I was a child, I have struggled and battled with my ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a condition with symptoms including inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. There


    Horse-Assisted Therapy for Inmates

    Horse-Assisted Therapy for Inmates Everyone deserves a second chance at a productive and empathetic life. We at BHW have been committed to helping those incarcerated in our community with exactly that, The “Own it and Up” eight week program helps local inmates acquire the tools

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    Protecting the Innocence of Our Youth From Bullying

    Protecting the Innocence of Our Youth From Bullying Hi again! It’s Riagain, an intern at Berkshire HorseWorks from Miss Hall’s’ School. As a protective older sister of a 3rd grader, bullying has become an increasingly important topic for me, whether it be g verbal abuse,


    Inspiring Article about How Horses Helped Abduction Victim

    This is an inspiring article about how Equine-Facilitate Therapy can help people move on after a crisis. https://parade.com/851714/nicolabridges/how-horses-helped-jaycee-lee-dugard-move-on-after-her-abduction/

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    Social Anxiety and Brain States

    Hello! I am Riagain Wiley, an intern at Berkshire HorseWorks from Miss Hall’s School. As someone who has suffered from anxiety my entire life, it is important to me to be able to share information about how it affects me and also recent studies that


    BHW In the Press – Benefits of CSR Teambuilding

    A recent article published in the October issue of Insurance & Financial Meetings Management titled “CSR-Enhanced Teambuilding: Delivering a ‘Return on Emotion,’” speaks to the tremendous benefits of corporate teambuilding. According to Jonathan Denmark, President and COO of MountainOne Insurance, who recently brought his sales


  • “Thank you so much once again for such an amazing time! It was so special to me and Jenny that we got to do this. When you asked if this weekend was for anything special I couldn’t say it at the time but this was actually the weekend that I proposed to Jenny. Getting to know and ride both Gunner and Dubs was the second best part of our trip” -Jared Jenevein

  • “Lori had a wonderful time playing with the mini donks today! I don’t know how to thank you enough for doing this for her. It means so much to her and improves her life so greatly to be with the animals. Lori asked me to thank you for her since she couldn’t do it in person herself. By the way, she was ecstatic all the way home”

  • “Not only has it provided new ideas and tools for my new business adventure, but also opened my eyes to understanding issues within myself.” ~Network TV Executive

  • “The way the process strengthened our work group was nothing short of a miracle.” ~Restaurateur

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