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“Berkshire HorseWorks has quite literally been life changing for my son. The confidence and, self worth he has acquired from these magnificent animals is truly remarkable. To be able to see this transformation before our eyes was a magical experience. Hayley, and Dom are earth angels, the kindness, and patience they’ve shown will leave an impression for a lifetime. Thank you Berkshire HorseWorks!” ~Gisela Kearns

Learning with horses at Berkshire HorseWorks

“This weekend has provided a powerful experience for me. Not only has it provided new ideas and tools for my new business adventure, but also opened my eyes to understanding issues within myself.” ~Network TV Executive

“I volunteered for a team building session. I had no idea what to expect. After just 1.5 hrs I came away with a couple valuable results usable in everyday life. First and foremost, I don’t listen very well!! I hear fine but don’t focus on what is being said. Combining others perceptions and understanding of matters is powerful. Where I didn’t comprehend the initial instructions, others did. As a team, we were able to combine all of our strengths and proceed to solve the task and be more efficient. I highly recommend taking a session.” ~Peter Sweet, Jr., Owner, Seekonk Tree Farm

It’s magical. Something in the intuitive nature of the horses allows them to pull out from people what other people can’t pull out. ~NH Resident

“The session was presented in an easy to understand, safe, and fun environment that kept everyone interested and intrigued. Thank you for opening our eyes.”~Anonymous

“The exercises are empowering. You have to be honest. You can’t pretend with horses like you can with people.” ~Corporate Executive

“The HorseWorks experience awoke me to the realization that I am so intimidated by instructions issued by an ‘authority figure’ that I will blindly follow those instructions to the letter, as if I were still the ‘good little girl’ who never challenged the expected response.

“To have reacted this way at this time flew directly in the face of who I am today … an individual who explores every possible means to an end, extended to very out-of-the-box solutions.

“As a result of this revelation, I am determined to diminish my tendency to demur without significant, informed thought and, instead, act on my proven ability to intelligently question and act beyond the expected, even at the risk of being ‘wrong.’”
~Carol Robins (76 Years Young)

“I have ridden horses for many years and I thought I knew them well. That was until I participated in a series of workshops conducted by the team from Berkshire HorseWorks. I now have a new and deeper respect for these fine animals and a renewed faith in the people around me. What an experience!!!” ~Tev, MA

“ I can now look at situations differently and I can express myself in a calmer manner…I would like to thank you for the experience,” ~ participant of our Own it and Up Inmate Program

I felt that it was an excellent showcase of the powerful effect of working with horses. It’s amazing how closely the behaviors of the horses parallel our own lives. The results are visible. ~Anonymous

“The way the process strengthened our work group was nothing short of a miracle.” ~Restaurateur

“Working with the horses eases resistance, breaks down barriers, and helps lower defenses in often remarkable ways. The EAGALA Model combines the best that horses have to offer with a solution-oriented approach…that empowers people to find their own positive solutions to their life problems.” ~Veteran (Navy)

“My kids enjoyed it… definitely a lovely bonding experience for us.  I realized that although my kids and I do a lot together, we rarely solve problems together, which we did with you and that was a wonderful experience to be in that process with my kids and also see different sides of them as we worked through the different exercises/games together… you and your teaching partner were wonderful. Thank you!” ~Susan Arnett

“This was an amazing program that I would love to recommend to everyone,” ~ participant of our Own it and Up Inmate Program

“I had such a great time working with all of the horses and great people. I’m going to miss the special bond me and Double 07 shared.” ~Rachel (17 Year Old)

“I will miss Hayley and your horse Spirit. You made my day feel groovy. I learned that things that are simple to you mean a lot to us.” ~Berkshire Regional School District Student (17 Year Old)

“The experience of working with horses in an environment like the one provided by the program was not only healing but enriching in a multitude of ways. The natural setting and personnel of both staff and equine were unique as well as nurturing. I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope to return to this in another capacity to give and receive some of this wonderful overall life experience.” ~U.S. Navy Veteran (1984 – 1990)

“I learned that horses have feelings, like people. Thank you for allowing me to take part of the program.” ~Quenten (17 Year Old Group Participant) 

“You may not realize this, but through your dedication, motivation and focus, you have given me great inspiration. Horses have been a lifelong passion for me, but EAGALA revealed to me a purpose through which I can indulge that passion while doing work that is meaningful and purposeful. While personally I have always known that horses can bring growth through their naturally intuitive natures, in watching the interaction between your horses and groups, I have been overwhelmed by their power to transform and teach.

“I have been looking for a long time for something that “fits” – for many reasons. Most importantly, something that has meaning with a mission … and chose to utilize this experience for something quite different from the typical corporate labyrinth with great devotion. Through you, I am galvanized.” ~Gale Neubart (55 Year Old New Yorker)

“My daughter and I recently participated in a session at Berkshire HorseWorks. The original intent was for Gina to learn more about equine therapies as a career choice as she navigates her path to college. The session certainly helped to solidify Gina’s decision; however the benefits were much greater. We also got to examine, expose, and help to resolve a family communication issue through the interaction with two beautiful animals. I must admit the idea for me was uncomfortable since I am unfamiliar with horses. However, with Hayley’s and Dom’s guidance I moved through the session comfortably – even bonding with my horse partner within a short time. I clearly see how and why equine therapies work so well. Gina and I had so much to talk about on our ride home and hope to return for a session with our whole family.” ~Gina Phillips

“I had fun with the horses throughout the week. I learned to be independent when approaching them. Granit was and will always be my boo. I had so much fun with Hayley and the others. I definitely want to go back next year to see Granit and Spirit. I learned how to be brave. I learned how to stop a horse.” ~Kassie, 16 Year Old Participant

“Thank you for everything. I had a really amazing experience. Your program is great and I hope to see you again as well as Spirit and Granit.” ~Destiny, 15 Year Old Mom

“I want to say how much I enjoyed the horses and what they did for me. I learned how to approach a relationship in a very different way. This is something that should be a part of therapy for any returning veteran.” ~Veteran (Iraq)

“My experience with the horses brought me back when I was little. My favorite horse was Granit. We had a special bond and I felt like he trusted me and I trusted him.” ~Courtney, 16 Year Old Student

“The experience at the end was peaceful and I felt connected to Diane in a way I haven’t felt in years. She opened up which I love and I imagine I too as part of my personality is to pay attention to another person… Transformational… I learned a great lesson about myself and my humanity. Though I felt somewhat at ease around the horses, their reaction to me made me realize was what I felt was not in harmony with the what was being projected. My vibration was not in alignment. Given the Universal Law of Vibrations, if my vibration is not in alignment, I will attract like-minded not in alignment people. This was a huge get for me.

“As I did in the exercise I have to stop and get grounded; settled to check myself out and then move forward. I have always been an energetic person. I’ll be more responsible as to what is being projected.” ~Frank, Speaker & Best Selling Author

“Having no prior knowledge about the process or what to expect, the experience highlighted that it’s okay to have anxiety but not to suffer because of it. Grooming the horse sent my anxiety soaring…but as I brushed him, it started to dissipate. I realized that I can control my anxiety if I am willing to let go and just be in the moment.

“I found the process to be gentle, yet challenging. Anyone looking for answers but afraid to dig deep have no choice but to see where there may be something blocking from being totally open and aware.

“Inspiring. The experience showed me not to let fear and anxiety run my life. To be able to say what’s on my mind without worrying about controlling the situation.” ~Diane, Advertising Executive

“Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to bring my students to the farm. It was nice to see them work together and really think about the meaning of the team work. As their teacher, it meant a lot to me to see them so happy and engaged in what was going on, but also to explore their ability to think both critically and outside of the box. This experience was invaluable in terms of the joy that it brought to each of them being in such a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by animals and caring adults. These students have experienced trauma that many of us could never even imagine and for a day they were able to relax and not think about it. I think that the work you do is so worthwhile and I genuinely hope that many more individuals are able to benefit from the program.” ~April Hand, Teacher at an Educational Residential Facility

We have gained a lot of insight since participating in the program. It is all a work in progress and some days we do better than others but at least we all seem to realize when we could be doing better.
We all hate to see the program come to an end and if not for that pesky money issue would sign on for more time.
I can’t adequately tell you how much we appreciate the deal you gave us. It is truly a Godsend to be able to work with you and Dom and Eric and the timing could not have been more perfect for us. ~Pan Feathers

“Berkshire HorseWorks gave me a really good assessment of who was willing to get out of their own comfort zones, take charge and be comfortable being uncomfortable… I learned a lot about my team, and my team learned a lot about me. We also had fun which was very important because no one was in their comfortable place. It definitely disclosed some things I wasn’t prepared for, but it also disclosed many things I was extremely happy for.” ~Antione Alston, owner of Berkshire Functional Fitness

We got to examine, expose, and resolve a family communication issue through the interaction with two beautiful animals. I clearly see how and why equine therapies work so well and we hope to return with our whole family. ~Gina Phillips