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Corporate Team Building Activities Using Horses

Meeting planners are consistently challenged to find corporate team building activities that are new, interesting, and effective. And that’s exactly where horses come in! Equine-assisted team building activities can foster critical thinking, help people re-engage with their co-workers, and define or reinforce their place in the larger corporate culture.

A recent article in Meetings Net, featured as the Event of the Month, showcased equine-assisted team building activities by Berkshire HorseWorks. The nonprofit organization’s approach to team building has been used to:

  • Define how employees can work as a team toward a common goal such as increased productivity or landing a new client
  • Work with staff to adapt to a company’s new management style and initiatives
  • Navigate cultural differences and cultivate empathy
  • Learn crisis mitigation
  • Prepare for an IRS audit
  • Build camaraderie

Berkshire HorseWorks offers corporate team building activities in sessions of 90 minutes, half-day or full-day workshops, and customized multi-day retreats. For more information contact Hayley Sumner at (310)488-9777.

See image of the original article below. Click link for a printable PDF document of the actual article that appeared in Meetings Net.


Berkshire HorseWorks in Massachusetts Horse Magazine

Cover of April/May Massachusetts Horse MagazineThe April/May issue of Massachusetts Horse Magazine features an article about Berkshire HorseWorks achieving 501(c)3 status. The article discusses how Berkshire HorseWorks has been treating at-risk youth, veterans, families, individuals, and couples with a broad range of challenges including anxiety, PTSD, bullying, eating disorders, and more.

The article also discusses how Berkshire HorseWorks partners with organizations to strengthen their workforces through equine team building activities and personal wellness initiatives.

By transitioning to nonprofit status the company can accept donations which enables Berkshire HorseWorks to offer its services to those who may otherwise have an inability to pay for Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).

Berkshire HorseWorks services are based on the EAGALA Model. See more about EAGALA, EAP, and EAL by clicking the respective links.

See a copy of the article below.

MA Horse Article



BHW Hayley Sumner Interviewed on WNYT TV

Berkshire HorseWorks founder and Executive Director, Hayley Sumner was interviewed on March 21 by Phil Bayly on Forum 13 on WNYT TV in Albany, New York. In the ten minute interview Sumner discusses how Berkshire HorseWorks uses the EAGALA model of equine-assisted learning and equine-assisted therapy to work with individuals, families, and organizations. (Click to view video.)

WNYT.com_TV_Interview_with_HayleyIn the interview, Sumner explains that the EAGALA model is based on four principled tenets:

  • ground-based
  • solution focused
  • code of ethics driven
  • facilitated by a team including a licensed mental health professional along with an equine specialist

Sumner also provides examples of who uses equine-assisted learning and therapy in different types of situations and how the process benefits individuals and groups.

Also shared during the interview is the upcoming Berkshire HorseWorks fundraising event on Saturday, May 16 that features author and horseman, Tim Hayes. Hayes’ recently published book, Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal, will be showcased in a Meet the Author event that follows an all-day natural horsemanship clinic. (Please note that the date stated during interview as April 18 was not the correct date.) Those interested in the event can download an event flyer and registration form.

Click here to watch the video in its entirety.

Berkshire HorseWorks Helps More Individuals as a Nonprofit

We are so excited that Berkshire HorseWorks has attained 501(C)3 status and that the Berkshire Record has shared the news!

Gaining wide recognition for our effective horse-based therapy, our nonprofit status allows us to offer our services to many more individuals in need, regardless of ability to pay. Berkshire HorseWorks works with at-risk youth, veterans, families, individuals, and couples with a broad range of challenges including anxiety, PTSD, bullying, and eating disorders.

See the entire article in the Berkshire Record by clicking here.


Horsin’ Around

Equine therapy helps change behaviors

We wanted to share this great article with our friends and supporters! In June, the Richmond Record published an excellent article about equine therapy and Berkshire HorseWorks. The article does a great job of explaining how Berkshire HorseWorks, using EAGALA certified facilitators, can use human / horse interaction to assist individuals and organizations. From helping teens with socialization, anger management, trust, respect and boundary issues; to veterans coping with PTSD, stress and anxiety; to corporate groups looking to improve communication and develop stronger teams, horse therapy has proven to be highly effective.  See the entire article below.


Team Building at Berkshire HorseWorks

Team Building Time

Team Building Time ~

Hi all. It’s team building time! Just about to kick off a community business partnership. Check out our hot-off-the-press brochure and the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning.

Berkshire HorseWorks Team Building Brochure