Sponsor A Horse

“Sponsor A Horse Program”

One of the best ways to support Berkshire HorseWorks and our Mission is to sponsor one of our amazing equines. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) are wonderfully effective tools for helping our at-risk community, BUT it comes at a significant cost. Along with providing proper stabling/shelter and staff to look after and care for our animals, Each one of our equines require a LOT of feed, regular vet visits, and farrier services. The basic care for one horse per year is over $4,000. As a nonprofit, Sponsoring one of our equines is a great way to make a meaningful contribution. ALL funds received through the “Sponsor A Horse” program will be used exclusively for the development  of sound, healthy, and well care cared for equines in our program. Funds will be used toward feed, bedding, vaccinations, hoof trimming, and other routine veterinary care.

You and/or your company will receive a an abundance of recognition for your generosity. You will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a photo of your horse and duplicate certificates will be displayed in our barn or office. You will also receive recognition in the Berkshire HorseWorks newsletter, Through our programs, Local news papers and magazines, and other printed material, and on the Berkshire HorseWorks website!

You are welcome visit your horse during regular hours, but we do suggest that you call ahead to determine when your horse is not “on the job”. You are always welcome to come down and groom, walk, and assist our staff with his/her daily care as long as you ask a staff member for assistance.

If you would like additional information, Contact Hayley by phone or email.

Hayley Sumner Founder/Executive Director

Hayley@BerkshireHorseWorks.com  or (310) 488-9777

Berkshire HorseWorks, Inc is a recognized nonprofit organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Bolt and Rodeo

These sweet guys are still pretty new to our herd. They play a big role in our program. They are a favorites of a lot of the kids who come to the ranch! They love to be mushed over and snuggled. They think that apples and carrots are the best things on the planet and just enjoy everyone’s company!



 007 “Double O Seven”

007 AKA Dubs is a sweet laid back kind of guy. In his previous home he used to enjoy giving lessons. Dubs is quiet but loves to be brushed, walked, and likes to be the center of attention whenever possible. His favorite past times are giving hugs and making people smile. Dubs loves treats of all kinds, Including bananas! Dub is currently learning what trails are and to be a trail horse. He currently enjoys working in our “EAP” and “EAL” programs as well  as some “EAT” Equine Assisted Team building.



Zephyr AKA Zeph is more of a shy guy. He is a favorite of almost all of our clients. Behind his shy personality is a big love bug. Zeph cannot be ridden due to arthritis throughout his entire spine but, he loves to free lunge, be groomed, and walk on a lead with you. Once he warms up to you he is fun to be around a creates a positive energy with everyone he meets. Durring sessions everyone wants to work with Zeph. There is just something about this handsome hunk that draws everyone in! Come meet him for yourself and see what he is about!



Pumpkin is our feisty little pony. He enjoys just about everything you will give him. He can be a handful at times but that has proven to be such an asset to all of our programs as it helps people over come challenges, problem solve, and to work together to figure out solutions. Pumpkin is the “Chihuahua” of horses, a little man with a big personality. He is loveable yet sassy and that attracts many clients to want to work with him. Pumpkin has a sweet side too! He isn’t the biggest fan of standing around to be brushed but he does like to be mushed over and to be the center of attention.



Spirit is another horse who provides our clients with a bit more of a challenge yet is also a favorite. His looks are definitely a factor that draws people to him, but underneath his tough shell is a boy who loves attention and wants as many treats as your willing to give him. Our program relies on horses such as Spirit and Pumpkin as they provide a way to help people understand and find ways to get through tough situations when needed but also provide our clients with level headed understanding. Spirits actions/reactions are based upon the response/feelings of the client.