Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity, where individuals can make a difference by contributing to non-profits in need. 100% tax deductible, all proceeds will go towards medications, doctor’s visits, vaccines, teeth appointments, farrier visits and food to maintain the rescued horses at Berkshire HorseWorks through the Covid-19 crisis

Our herd of rescue horses has been providing life-saving treatment to children and families in the Berkshires since Berkshire HorseWorks was founded. Now, in the time of Covid19, they need your help to stay healthy and alive, not succumbing to the devastating diseases they’ve been battling since their rescue. Because of the coronavirus, we’ve not been able to see paying clients since January, and thus there’s been no income to provide medication, treatment and food. We are at a critical juncture and need to raise $11,350, which will sustain the herd until programming is again available. They’ve been here for you – now they need your help!

Zephyr, 007, Gunnar, Spirit, Pumpkin, Bolt and Rodeo have served at-risk youth, inmates, veterans, and their families for the past 7 years. Through Berkshire HorseWorks’ EAGALA model Equine-Assisted workshops these horses have helped over 800 individuals and their families find peace, meaning and belonging in the face of trauma. Now they need you and your support.

  • Zephyr, 15-year-old Dutch Warmblood, has melanoma.
  • 007, a 20-year-old Quarterhorse pony, was diagnosed with cancer and has Navicular disease which affects his hooves, and could lead to lameness if unchecked. He’s currently on daily Piroxicam to control the growth of his cancer.
  • Pumpkin, a 20-year-old Shetland mini cross pony, has Cushing’s disease, affecting his pituitary gland, which could cause swelling and blindness if unaddressed. He is on Prascend daily.
  • Spirit, a 15-year-old medicine hat paint, has severe hock and joint issues, which requires a monthly shot of Adequan and a daily pill of Equioxx.
  • Gunnar is a 15-year-old Arabian cross, who has issues with his 3rd vertebra which needs to be investigated.

(Luckily, our two miniature Sicilian donkeys, Bolt and Rodeo, are so luckily healthy so far.)

All of these conditions are easily manageable with the proper medications and care, but without clients there’s no income to support their treatments. All our horses were rescued based on the belief they were worthy of care despite their illnesses and they’ve proven their value 100 times over. We are a small non-profit committed to treating the mental health and behavioral issues in our community and we simply (and quite literally) can’t do it without our horses…or your help. No horse, or person, should ever be left to suffer just because they have an illness.

Our goal is to raise $11,350 to pay for medications, doctor’s visits, vaccines, teeth appointments, farrier visits and food for our herd until we can offer programing again. We know everybody is hard-pressed right now, but even a small donation would mean a great deal. Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit counts!

Here’s hoping everybody stays safe and healthy out there! Thank you for all your support!

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