Hey guys, its Sarah here again. I found something interesting to share with you regarding horses and their ability to heal during a crisis:

Our mental health is being challenged daily through the mandate to socially and physically isolate and the concomitant fears and feelings of anxiety, depression and disconnectedness. For children who will grow up remembering the year they didn’t finish school because of a lockdown, it is even more frightening as they may not fully understand their own emotions or those their parents may be exhibiting at home. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help navigate those feelings through ground -based interaction with horses. Because of their intuitive nature and the ability to read and serve as a mirror of emotions in the moment, horses facilitate change in a safe nonjudgmental way. Equine Assisted PsychotherapyEquine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Taking action – of any form – during times of uncertainty is beneficial to one’s mental health. That is true for any age.

Lauren Levin, Vice President of the nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise, sent out a call to arms to push congress to support youth mental health by including the STANDUP act of 2019STANDUP act of 2019 within the next government stimulus package. “We’re already hearing reports that depression, anxiety and suicide are on the rise – and we know that past pandemics have created an overwhelming need for more mental health support,” she wrote.

When the first shock waves of Sandy Hook reverberated across the United States, Eagala certified practitioners and their horses were there, working with the families, children and first responders to mitigate the effects of trauma. Horses are a wonderful resource during times of crisis and anxiety.

As with Sandy Hook, it is critical we shine a spotlight on the importance of youth’s mental health both by passing legislation the STANDUP ACT of 2019 and by providing the services that work. Eagala Model Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy has been employed for over two decades to decrease anxiety, alleviate stress, and build resiliency. If you have children or family members who are feeling overwhelmed, sad or anxious, please know our horses at Berkshire HorseWorks are here to help. As adults responsible for their safety and health, we must make sure that those suffering silently do not slip through the cracks.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Humphrey