Isolation Well Being Checklist

Isolation Well Being Checklist

Cynthia L Cardeli, Director of Programs & Services at the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, sent around an email last week entitled “Checking in and Resources”. We found it so helpful we thought we’d share one of our favorite tools with you.
This is a checklist of things to do everyday while in quarantine to keep your mind and body healthy (See below):

Lets be real here, it starts off strong: Take a shower. Every day. If any of you are like me, you’ve found yourself living in your PJ’s long past 1pm. A shower every day has reminded me I’m not just a couch vegetable (potato or otherwise).

Keeping things clean is also a winner. I’m a natural clean freak on a good day, but things still manage to pile up (hey, motivation is hard sometimes). If the days feel like they’re droning by, keeping your space neat and tidy provides a pleasurable sense of productivity, and keeps your daily maneuvering space maneuverable.

This next one is my all time personal favorite. Introvert or extrovert, we need people at least a little sometimes. So many of us are struggling with the isolation – especially the elderly or those who live alone. It’s good karma to reach out and connect and, hey, it’s good for your mental health too. In response to this checklist item I’ve started calling someone outside my house every day, and found my relationships have gotten significantly stronger as a result.

Get in at least one good laugh. This one seems to be the hardest for me. Whether its YouTube comedy or laughing at your cat getting stuck in a box (there’s definitely a reason cat videos are so popular), a belly laugh is good for your body and spirit. Even in isolation, there’s always something to laugh about.

If we could add one checkpoint, it would be to hug an animal (not people – that’s not social distancing) every day. Here at the ranch, our donkeys Bolt and Rodeo are always here for coronavirus-safe cuddles. So call us if you want to come hug a donk!

Thank you to Cynthia Cardeli for these helpful resources! We hope everyone who reads this enjoys them too!


Sarah at Berkshire HorseWorks

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