Nap Time

There is nothing more luxurious than a well-timed nap. In a sunny spot on a nice day, or curled up on a couch with the rain pattering against the windows, naps feel good – but they’re also good for you.

According to the article in Psychology Today magazine online entitled “There’s a Nap for That” (found HERE), there are many different types of naps serving a variety of functions. There are naps for inspiration, procrastination, taking a chill pill and (who knew) boosting your work-out. I’m an avid napper, and my personal favorite is the coffee nap, experienced after a cup of Joe before the caffeine kicks in.

Many of us are now stuck at home working remotely, so the question is: does that mean we have more time for naps? I took a quick poll of my coworkers at Berkshire HorseWorks and a few of my friends around town to get the low down on Covid-19 nappage.

  • My good friend Rachel, an artist and teacher in Stockbridge: “Even though I’m working remotely right now, I’m constantly too wired to nap. Free time is a blessing, but I keep using it to do other projects instead of taking a breather.”
  • My coworker Christina, some of the womanpower behind caring for the horses at Berkshire HorseWorks: “I try to take naps every day and it doesn’t always happen. I have a little girl at home, which means I’m on her schedule.”
  • Hayley, Berkshire HorseWorks’ fearless executive director, said: “It’s hard to take naps because my mind doesn’t shut off. It’s always creating scenarios and new business ideas – so when I lay down on the pillows my brain surges double-time and often I get anxious. The only way I’ll ever nap is with my cat sitting on my chest, covered in at least 5 fluffy pillows.”
  • My boyfriend Jake who works the nightshift at a school in Northampton: “I don’t really sleep because of my job, I only ever nap. So yes and no?”
  • My religious friend Julie: “I nap on Shabbas. At home, even during the Coronavirus, I’m just too busy.”

So there you have it. Though napping may be luxurious, it’s also something of a luxury, even in the time of Covid-19.

Thanks for reading!