Other Offerings

Other Offerings

Free Range Donkey Play

Have you ever wanted to hug a living teddy bear? How about a donkey? Gear up in your t -shirts or snow suits and join us for a romp around the paddock with our two miniature Sicilians. Free Range Donkey Play is perfect for people of all ages, as you will groom, feed, walk and explore with the donkeys, all while learning a bit more about them. Young children and families welcome.
Available for group or individual bookings, by appointment only all year round.

Hug a Donk

Waking up anxious and have no idea why? People Magazine says that 10 minutes of hugging or petting an animal reduces cortisol levels significantly. If breathing and meditation just aren’t cutting it, how about hugging a donkey…Yes a REAL one. They’re just like your teddy bear, only they can hug back! For just $25 you can come down and play, brush, and hug Rodeo and Bolt, the two miniature Sicilian donkeys at Berkshire HorseWorks. Fluffy, friendly and all around delicious to hold, these “donks” will melt away your stress and calm your heart.
Open to all ages. Call Berkshire HorseWorks to make an appointment, April – November

Art at the Ranch

‘I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he; / I gallop’d, Dirck gallop’d, we gallop’d all three’. Come experience how horses have inspired artists for centuries, from DaVinci to Remmington, through our Art on the Ranch workshop. Meet and mingle with a diverse herd of horses (and pony) allowing them to enliven your senses through up close and personal interactions. Afterwards, you can sit back with a glass of wine or cider and create something meaningful.
Open to all by appointment. Available with or without professional instruction. April- November.

Rosé at the Ranch

Are you looking for a fun night out or a way to relax after a stressful week? How about a date night with your significant other? Come join us for Rose at the Ranch, where wine, fun and horses are all part of the program. Watch the sun set and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings in an earthy and relaxed atmosphere. Offering different activities throughout the spring and summer such as art and yoga, there’s something for everyone. Look for events throughout the summer or call to schedule a private evening.
April -Weather permitting.


with Monica Celli of Equus Yoga

90 minutes, by appointment only

Immerse yourself in nature, and allow the fields, woods and horses to be a restorative balm – a catalyst to inspire and spark creativity, help set goals, or reboot. This is a perfect program for corporate leaders or anyone looking to practice being calm and assertive in the presence of horses, or to simply step out of a busy life and breathe in unison. Hiking and Horses brings two incredible worlds together via mindfulness, meditation & journal entries.

  • Participants are led through a mindful meditation, centered in breath and body awareness prior to taking the horses for a hike.
  • We will then hike with our equine partners through the beautiful fields and woods along a trail with a babbling brook, to a meditation sit spot.
  • You will then be guided in a solo sitting meditation, time will be allotted for journal entries and/or free association writing, or vision board inspiration.
  • We will then hike back to the ranch and have a moment to close the program.
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90 minutes, by appointment only

Practice with the healing horses as they graze nearby. A class specifically designed for the on farm experience. An all levels flow, meditation and mindfulness practice while you delight in the senses of the ranch, organic surroundings and horses around you. There will be 15 mins at the end of class for a short meditation and/or journal entry, free association writing time, or bring a sketch pad.
Curriculum Created and led by Monica Celli MA Ed. of Equus Yoga, presented at Berkshire HorseWorks.

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Couples come in many shapes and sizes. parent/child, husband/wife, significant others, siblings, or friends.

Depending upon the composition of the coupling, sessions are flexible: either focusing on the clients’ request to address a topic or as a general activity that is fun, engaging, and challenging. Whether the session is crafted around exploring intimacy, enhancing communication, processing the underpinnings of sibling rivalry, reinforcing the parent/child bond, or a creating common goals, clients leave with a greater understanding of themselves and each other.


no maximum group size

Berkshire HorseWorks experiential workshops foster self-reflection and serve to empower women by improving self-esteem, independence, confidence, decision-making and leadership skills. BHW’s highly trained team provides an environment in which women can feel safe to develop a deeper sense of self awareness, cultivate mindfulness, and find the crucial balance between assertiveness and femininity. In these sessions, you create journeys by engaging props and members of the herd which often parallel experiences in your lives. The horses help those who are “stuck” to move through transitions. The integration of EAL activities is a perfect complement to guided hikes, workshops with life coaches, vision boarding, and even campfire journaling.

Pricing for both packages available upon request.

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