Ranch Life 101 – Families and Couples

Berkshire HorseWorks,Inc. Launches Ranch Life 101 and Ranch Life for Families this Spring – Programs to Run Year Round!

Celebrate Your Inner Cowboy/Cowgirl Through Experiential Programs Rooted in Life Skills Development.

Berkshire HorseWorks, Inc., a 501C3 mission-driven #nonprofit, which offers Eagala Model #equineassistedactivities and life skills programming for the whole family, will be launching #RanchLife101 this Spring and will now be offering it year round. The news was announced today by Hayley Sumner, Founder and Executive Director of #BerkshireHorseWorks. Structured for all ages and abilities, #RanchLife101 is a unique opportunity to learn and play side by side with the beautiful therapy herd of horses and donkeys. #Lifeskilldevelopment is woven throughout all activities, such as how to read nonverbal cues, cultivate empathy, or build healthy relationships all in the calming presence of horses while clearing trails, doing arts and crafts, cleaning the paddocks or working in the organic garden.

The authentic ranch experience will be offered both as two-hour sessions for $225/person or Half-Day morning or afternoon sessions ( 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) for $395/person. All sessions are by appointment only. Snacks will be included during Half-Day bookings.

All proceeds from this programming go directly towards the purchase of hay and medicine for the horses, as well as community programs for those at risk.

#RanchLife101, where each day presents a variety of ranch experiences in which to participate, is also now available for families. #RanchLifeforFamilies (RLF) is specifically designed as a fun, outdoor way to reconnect families in nature, all in the presence of horses. Patterned after #familyvolunteering vacations where parents, siblings and other members can give back as they learn, work and play side by side for a common cause, RLF welcomes visitors who may be considering their own hobby farm but would like to gain hands-on experience before hopping in!

#RanchLifeforFamilies is offered in two- hour sessions for $475 and in Half-Day programs for $695 for up to eight people.Through these family programs, #BerkshireHorseWorks gains a hands-on workforce which allows the #nonprofit to continue providing equine assisted psychotherapy and therapeutic programs for those at risk in the #community.

“We piloted #RanchLife101 last summer and witnessed organic connections being made where older children mentored the others during the day. Participants as young as four felt valued and #empowered as they worked and played with older children. Relationships and skills that were cultivated all through the interaction with horses was just beautiful and life- changing. We knew we had to try to expand. #Familyvolunteering is what really kept us afloat throughout the winter months and families were able to come together and stay active during these isolating times,” stated Sumner.
#BerkshireHorseWorks is a safe and positive environment, where kids can still be kids, but have the opportunities to learn exciting new skills that will contribute to making them more #confident, self-sufficient, and better able to cope with new situations. #RanchLife101 at #BerkshireHorseWorks will lay down roots of resiliency in a fun-filled, activity-packed day at the ranch.
Both programs will be held on a seven- acre ranch with hiking trails, multiple outdoor paddocks, a vernal spring and sun patio, organic garden, walking meditation trails and quiet reading hamlets. Individual, multi-child and family experiences available!

Call 413 698 3700 or email info@berkshirehorseworks.com to learn more. Scholarships and sliding scales available.