Snowed in? Alecto offers 10 fun things to do

With all of the recent snow, many schools have been closed for snow days. Many people use snow days as an excuse to stay inside and sleep all day… which is okay if you feel sleep deprived normally, but for those who are seeking some productive alternatives here are my suggestions.This entry is 10 Things to do During a Snow Day. The attached article includes 40 more ideas for those uninspired by the included ideas.

  1. Build a snow fort/igloo.
  2. Watch a movie, and stay warm inside. (disagreements may follow.)
  3. Go sledding, skiing, or snowboarding.
  4. Bake cookies, cakes, or other desserts.
  5. Make crafts or drawings, an easy way to occupy any ages.
  6. Practice instruments (if applicable.)
  7. Have a snowball fight.
  8. Make a fort with pillows, sheets, and blankets.
  9. Sing some karaoke- there are numerous free apps and websites that offer free karaoke.
  10. Write poems or books, it can be a fun and creative way to pass time.

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