Horses Facilitating Change at Berkshire HorseWorks

Berkshire HorseWorks has seen nearly 200 individuals, couples, and families struggling with various mental and behavioral challenges ranging from depression, PSTD, TBI, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, addiction, autism, sexual abuse, and anger management. Our rescue horses have been there for them as they have been there for the horses. This video gives you a glimpse into the lives of these people as well as how this work has affected them, and the benefits they received from Equine Assisted Therapy.  As you will hear from some of our partners and mental health professionals, this is incredibly powerful work and horses really do facilitate change.

If this video has inspired you to become involved in some way, please contact Berkshire HorseWorks at (413) 698-3700 or Of course if there is someone in your life who you believe will benefit from this work, please reach out. We would love to thank Ptarmigan Films, in particular Stephen and Derek for their hard work and creative support.

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