Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Human Horse Interaction - Learning and Psychotherapy Based on the EAGALA Model

To those not familiar with equine therapy, it may be surprising that human / horse interactions led by highly trained individuals can be helpful to a wide range of individuals and groups. This is because much of the equine therapy is facilitated by non-verbal communication skills. Similar to many other animals, horses communicate non-verbally by using body language that sometimes mirrors the emotions and behaviors of those around them.

When taught be certified therapists, Equine therapy has shown to have many positive benefits, some of which include:

  • Confidence
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Concept
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Perspective
  • Decreased Isolation
  • Work Ethic
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Attitude Improvement
  • Impulse Control
  • Social Skills
  • Boundaries
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Growth

These skills can be applicable to individuals seeking personal growth and development, whether children, adolescents, teens or adults. It is also useful for relationship or team building for families, couples, nonprofit groups, corporations, and more. It has proved very successful in treating at-risk youth and veterans with PTSD.

Equine therapy should always be performed by a certified EAGALA certified facilitator such as those at Berkshire HorseWorks. The modality has proved to be very effective with individuals who are challenged by  conduct and dissociative disordersdepression, attention-deficit disorderanxiety, dementia, autism, PTSD, and other related disorders.

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